Sunday, May 13, 2012

Why am I passionate of the travel destinations / tourists spots?

Statue Of Christ The Redeemer Brazil

Statue of Christ the redeemer

              Websites that offers travel destinations / tourist spots are most commonly like by the all because everyone would like to explore new things. But many of us were not able to afford traveling especially in term of transportation. This became an hindrance to all the travelers because even though they would like to still they can’t afford . But no one can stop us on dreaming right? Everyone can dream on their travel destinations maybe for now but who knows in the future this dreams can be pursue in God’s time. In my case I am very passionate of the travel destinations ot6 the tourists spot because this gives me the idea on analyzing a particular place.
        I know for now all the places that I have seen on the internet, books, magazines, etc. are consider as dream places because I do not probably have enough money but who knows in the future I can travel the whole world? I do hope so :)). Many of us have their own country land and each country has it’s own tourists spots. Philippines have many spots / beautiful spots that everyone could visit. Many of this were natural resources but others are renovated by the people that handles the particular place. How about your country?? What places can you introduced to us so that we can visit your place personally. 

          Let me show you some places that can be visited as you arrived in our country, here are some example of places with their pictures included:

Banaue Rice terraces - Ifugao


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  1. Wow! This abosilutely amazing. I'd love to travel to these places one day.